who we are

TELLEM is derived from "tell them" and stands for the fact that we want to convey our messages to the world - we want to tell'em our story.

In addition to the messages, quality has been the focus at TELLEM since 2014 and is the most important element of our streetwear. Our own productions enable the processing of high quality materials & tailor-made fits according to our ideas. So every piece is unique!

We are a streetwear brand from Northern Germany that was founded in 2014 as a label for headwear and has since made a name for itself throughout Germany through continuous development and is also known internationally.

Why we are at the start

This drive, this story arises from a clear stance: At TELLEM , we passionately believe in the power of inspiring messages. Messages that can change attitudes, life and ultimately the world for the better.

Our vision

We envision a world in which our streetwear and brand experiences inspire people to fearlessly share their messages - boldly share and wear what you believe in.

Unsere Mission

TELLEM ist mehr als nur ein besonderer Style. Es geht um Substanz: We are a force for inspiration. Wir selektieren und verbreiten inspirierende Messages, denen wir über unsere Produkte, Collaborations und Markenerlebnisse auf einzigartige Weise Ausdruck verleihen. Der Bezug zu den Lifestyle-Bereichen Sport und Musik liegt uns dabei ganz besonders am Herzen.

Values ​​that guide us

We are bold. Anyone who dares to venture into the fashion industry these days not only needs competence, but also a healthy dose of fearlessness - that's how we roll.

We are curious. We are constantly driven by curiosity. Our attitude is deeply shaped by openness to the world, a thirst for adventure and the awareness that sometimes you just have to change your perspective to find inspiration.

We are collaborative. At TELLEM, we are all athletes and we have seen what is possible when individual players merge into a real team. This is exactly what we aspire to when working with our employees, with our partners and in collaborations with selected personalities from the fields of music, sport and lifestyle - and of course in exchange with you, our Tellem family!
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